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Bun Beag, Gweedore



[ Private Group Day & MultiDay Tours]

Whether it's extreme adventure activities or just a gentle stroll on a beach or forest, our Tours are tailored made for each group depending on the group's interests, age group, ability. These tours can be day or multi-days.   They include a trip to rural Ireland, experiencing its culture and heritage, its wild enchanting scenery, adventure activities, small farm holdings and it's world-renowned music and local pubs.  We like to focus on off the beaten track locations but our Multi-day trips can also include some of the well-known tourist destinations.  We also link up with other outdoor centres to include kayaking and surfing.  Group size can be from 1 to 50 people, we cater for all sizes.  Our guides who are outdoor instructors, as well as musicians and passionate about Ireland's culture and heritage, take you on a tour into the heart of Ireland.  This is a tour you will never forget.  Come enjoy a beautiful Ireland that we are proud of and want to share with you.  
Contact us on or call +353 851632985 today to get your tailored tour proposal and price .
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